i also like to write stories! the finished short stories i have are Dancing WhiteThe Shape of Her HeartSunsong, and Naming the Ocean God. you can read The Shape of Her Heart and Sunsong online with the links below!

The Shape of Her Heart (link)

The Shape of Her Heart is an attempt at a gay little Jewish fairytale, using themes from Jewish stories and mysticism.


Deep in the earth, the fallen Citadel is home to a blind young woman who is the sole survivor of the massacre of her people. In order to find her way home, she must call upon the Deep, the nothingness below. So, she gives the Deep a pomegranate for a heart, and summons an endlessly curious shade named Mosel. But even as they navigate the overgrown fortress and cross the treacherous Mote beyond, they realize that Mosel has a limited time above the Deep. Can their intertwined destinies keep Mosel alive until they reach Shira’s home and Mosel returns to the Deep?

Sunsong (link)

This story explores the idea of identity in relation to trauma in a fairytale-esque setting.


A bird called the Sentinel and a Sunfish who can sing fall in love – or at least, that’s what they think happened. After their first meeting, they are both almost killed by a mysterious entity called the Nettle and take it upon themselves to protect the other. But are they more than those identities?

i also wrote a full-length story, finished in 2018. it’s called Forget Me Not (length at 52K words), and you can also read it online!


Forget Me Not (link)



Eli, the gentle transgender son of the stars, is in hiding. After ceasing a god’s violent rise to power, his healing magic went awry. He still blames himself, and swears off his abilities for good. Or so he thinks. Enter Finn, a genderfluid person with a past that overlaps with Eli’s, who just so happens to injure himself on one of the only days Eli dares go out into public to buy flowers.

Finn is immediately enamored with Eli. However, while being chased by mercenaries through a sunny market may be somewhat commonplace for Eli, it’s not for Finn, who is hurt in the scuffle. Despite his promise to himself, Eli feels obligated to heal him. But it will take more than this encounter to make Finn confront the trauma that he and Eli share.

Both of their carefully-constructed realities shatter when they witness, first-hand, the resurgence of the deity whom Eli put to rest. After that, the hunt is on as all manner of skull-wearing spirits and the animated dead pursue them through forests and magic portals all the way to the end of the world, but, ultimately, to the culmination of their strengths. Finn must acknowledge the role that he played in Eli’s past, and Eli must confront the source of his trauma before everything they love is lost to their pasts. This is what it will take for their recovery – but they’ll do it together.